Yesterday I started my day off by waking up at 4:30a.m. Spending some time with God and preparing for my day cause we we’re going on a field trip to the library. As the day went by, I found myself getting very sleepy. I really couldn’t take a nap because the boys really didn’t take a nap, so I just continued to press on with my day.
I’ve been getting up at this time for awhile now but I always was able to take a nap with the boys. But yesterday was different. I found myself getting upset with the boys over the littlest things and I refuse to go back to my old habits!
So this morning I believe God let me over sleep. Yes it’s important to get up before my family and seek His face however He knows I desire to treat my children with love, talk to them with grace, understand them, have a open eat to hear Him concerning my family.
So in saying this, parents, it’s ok to sleep in a little and relax a little. Your family and friends will benefit from it. Most importantly, you will be refreshed to hear God clearly.



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