God’s Rest


I woke up, said a quick prayer and began my day. Now on Sunday mornings we have family breakfast then I prepare my family for the week. As I began to gather the clothes to take them down to be washed, my husband ask for me to lay down with him. As we were laying down and talking my mind was running a to do list through it. However I continued to lay down and embrace him/rest. Then the Lord start talking to me on how I should embrace him by resting in him. That’s how we should be with Him “Jesus”.

You see as I laid with my husband. I felt safe, relaxed, and all my worries about my to do list went away. As I relaxed even the more a calm and peaceful feeling came over my body and mind.

That’s how we should be in Christ daily, resting in His presence. Our worries will vanish away, as we enter his rest our body and mind begin to have a peace and calmness (soundness of mind). We will be able to hear from Him clearly. His joy will over take us as we enter into his rest.

So as you start your week, enter into God’s rest & peace.



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