One morning I was getting the boys ready to start our day with school and my darling husband was ready to leave for work. It was a normal day for us. The boys was running around the house playing, as I was giving my husband a kiss goodbye. I started to have this feeling that I just couldn’t shake. I was feeling as if I can’t do it anymore.

You see I tried so hard to be a perfect wife and mother for my family and I was not seeking God to help me, guide me and lead me on different things. Sometimes I would pray about somethings and hear from God but not daily. I wanted to do things different from how I was taught. The way I was going to achieve that was by seeking God’s face daily.

However as I was feeling as if I can’t go on, I started to worship and praise God. I had the boys join in with me. I started to tell Jesus how I love Him and how I love my family. I told Him how I place my family in His hands and how I need his help daily concerning my family and our lives. I cried out for guidance and directions from Him.

This is when things being to come clear to me I started to hear his voice even the more concerning the things with me family. I was more patient and understanding with my children. Now when it comes to my husband I am able to speak those encouraging words that he needs. I am more sensitive to his needs, not just sexually.

No, I am not perfect but I am fully aware that I need a perfect God like Jesus to guide and lead me everyday concerning everything in my life.


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