As I was reading some of my favorite bloggers post. I was encourage to post some helpful tips that I use to help me with my everyday life.

1. Waking Up Early:
I have learned waking up early and spending time with God empowers ypur whole day to be peaceful. It also gives you time to plan your day in your head (to do list) on how you would like for your day to go.

2. Meal Planning:
I did meal planning for two to three months and it was a big help to know in the am what I had to prepare for lunch and dinner. I didnt waste time guessing nor did I have to text the hubby asking him what he wanted for dinner. That was something we had discussed making the meal plan together. It was also cheaper to do meal planning.

3. Don’t Do Laundry On Family Days:
Having to do laundry on days my husband was home wasn’t fun at all. I really didn’t get the chance to relax with him and the kids. So making that change helped me out tremendously . Now I have a day to rest!

4. Drive By Cleaning:
Having to clean everything in one day worked great when it was just my husband and I. However, now we have three boys under the age 4 and I can’t see that happening with other things to do. So during the week my husband and I wipe the entire bathroom down including the walls when needed. Therefore our bathroom and walls are always clean. Also, we rinse our dishes right after we are done eating to make it easier to wash.

5. Wait To Say Yes/ Scheduling:
I homeschool my children full time and babysit from time to time. So to keep a discipline schedule, I don’t just jump and say yes to every invitation or babysitting opportunity when it arises. Remember we need rest!

6. Perfection Free:
It’s only one perfect person and that’s God! We learn as we go! We can’t do it all on are own that’s why it’s important to seek Him for his help daily.

7. De cluttering/Organizing:
Everything has it’s place. It’s so important to be organized,  it will help things flow better and your home will actually be cleaner, visually and physically.

8. Soothing Music:
Playing soothing music throughout your home sets a warm, peaceful atmosphere. Music has the ability to set moods, either calm and relaxing or aroused and exciting. You will be surprised at how your family moods will change with nice peaceful music playing.

9. Scripture Memory:
As busy mom’s sometimes we can find it hard to sit down and study the word of God for some hours as we wish we could. I find it more easier getting one scripture verse and posting it up and meditating on it. You can draw your family in by asking them questions about the verse you are studying. Make it a family bible study.

10. Nap Time, Mommy Time:
This is the time where I spend time relaxing, reading my word, pampering myself, and/or eating snacks when I don’t want to share with the kiddos.Timing a nap does wonders! This is the time where I relax myself before the hubby gets home from work. I try to be in a calm and loving mood when he comes through the front door.

I hope these are some helpful tips to get you started!

Here are some more helpful tips:

~ http://forthefamily.org/10-little-things-bring-peace-home/
~ http://www.thebettermom.com/2014/01/03/10-ways-create-a-home-warmth-grace/

Here is a website that have over 200 printables to help you get organized and create a family planner:



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