◆My husband and I traveled with the boys before and the trip went smoothly. So as I plan our family vacation for this year I have been looking up new ways to entertain and pack, without over packing and traveling lite. I have learned that if you schedule your road trip around over children sleep schedule they will not need a lot of things depending on how long the road trip will be.

◆I also have learned that with you have little kiddos try to give them less liquids as possible therefore you will not have to stop every hour. Or some people will say put them on pull ups or diapers.

◆I like to save money! So I pack food for snack and lunch on and off the road. I will sometimes stop it a market on the way back home to reload for snacks.

◆We also always have a cooler in the vehicle so we can store are food and drinks.

◆I love to have blankets in the vehicle just in case it get a little cool or for the kiddos can snuggle with.

◆To me this is a must no matter where you traveling and I never take mines out of the diaper bag. That is a first aid kit and medicine just in case of an emergency.

These are just a few of my tips on traveling with kiddos. I will be posting somethings throughout the week related on traveling and family vactions


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