I have started reading Wife After God by: Jennifer Smith. This book have been blessing my socks off! It’s with Unveiled Wife online bible study, I am bless everytime I read this book. This book is causing me to see my husband as God see him. I am also learning to trust God as well as my husband more and more each day.

Here is a peek of what I am reading:

Day 8

“You are worthy. Regardless of whether you have insecurities, sin, or fear… are worthy. You were created with intention and you matter. “~ Jennifer Smith It feel wonder to read this this. To know that I am worthy and wanted. I know that I am but to just think that God want me regardless of all my short comings.

“To be completely honest with you, God is the only one who has the power to be your everything. His compassion has the capability to fill your heart with warmth more calming than sun rays falling upon your cheek. His peace transcends every layer of your being and eclipse the most anxious of thoughts. ”

Don’t want to qoute the whole paragraph so I just gave you a simple of some of the paragraphs.



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