As we slowly approach the end of the school year I have decided to relax a little and take a deep breath. We have completed all the letters and the numbers 1-20. However we are doing a review of some letters and numbers thoughtout spring/summer. Will we have school everyday, no but we will be learning through activities and crafts. I also have been teaching my oldest son TJ how to spell his last name and recognize some sight words. As for my second son ND I have been teaching him to recognize and spell his first name. We also have been working on writing and connecting the dots.

Here are some links to some activities and crafts that we will be working on:

~Connect The Dots: Hands On As We Grow:

~Ring Toss Name Recognition: Hands On As We Grow:

~Sorting Things: Hands On As We Grow:

~Helping Kids Write Their Name: Kids Activities Blog:


TJ learning to draw, this is all a form of learning to write.


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