I have decided to post child development milestones because I have some mom’s that follow my page and they haven’t had a baby in years and now are excepting or just recently had a bundle of joy.


Birth to 3 Months
~ He/She begin to smile and track peolpe and objects with my eyes.
~He/She prefer to look at faces and bright colors.
~He/She reach and discover my hands and feet.
~He/She can lift their head and turn toward sounds.
~He/She will cry, but will fell better when you hold anf comfort them.

Now with these milestones please keep in mind every child is different and will move at it’s own paste. My oldest was doing all 5 of these milestones the first few days after being born. Here is, my second child was right on track. Then my three child move fast just like my first.



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