We all need time away from our everyday life. As we were on our family trip I realize how important it was for us to take this trip as a family. See when you go away leaving everything behind. You intend to treat and talk to your kiddos different. You love on them more and they need to see that part of you. As you leave problems, worries and work at home you began to have fun, laugh more, joke around, play around, you might even let your kiddos break some rules (stay up later or eat candy late). We all need time with are family, it brings your family closer.

A few years ago my husband and I stated how we would try and do something nice with the kiddos at least once a year. Now for most people that seem not to be a hard thing to keep up. Will for this family it could be considering that our family has only one income. Our kiddos are still young so it doesn’t take a lot to make them happy. I started planning the trip we were going to make a month ahead of time. I ordered a wangon, something I been wanting for a while. From the places we will go, hotel, things needed, to what to pack. I keep I close eye on the weather to make sure the weather would be nice. I made sure the days that I scheduled the trip it will not infer with my husband work schedule. I also called to find out the hours and pricing.


As we got closer to the day for us to leave and start our little journey, I began to get nerves. The weather begin to change for 70 degrees to 53. Trying to rent a car was difficult and to top everything off my youngest son nose start running the night before. However, I continue to press; I knew my family needed this time away from everything. The hubby find a car the was an ok price and I continue to pick. The next day it was cold the wind was blow and it was coudy; yet I continue to press on. (Walking by faith) We wanted to rent a car because it was going to be cheaper but wasn’t sure the wagon was going to fit. The rental place upgrade us to a jeep. (God’s favor) So now everything fitted in the vehicle nicely.

Our first stop was Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor, MI. The ride was nice and the boys was so excited they didn’t even take a nap on the way. It was very exciting! So much for the kiddos to discover and explore. They had a room just for preschoolers and inside of that room it was a section for 18 months and down. Yes we spent half of our time in that room.


After we left the Muesm we went to a hotel near by. How relaxing……we enjoyed the rest of the evening at the pool and watching movies.

As I stated earlier the weather temperature had drop from 70 degrees to 52 degrees. So as the morning approaches us I was starting to think we had to cancel are next stop to the Toledo Zoo. As the day open up I called around to see if I could find something else exciting for us to do. Well I find a indoor recuse center that sound like it would be nice. However I was still praying for better weather to go to the Zoo.

We began to get ready for the day and as we went outside to load the car back up. My husband and I noticed that the weather was a little warmer. We looked at each other and said we should go to the Zoo; so we went. The ride was only 45 minutes long and the boys slept the whole way there. When we first got to the Zoo it seem like it was a little cooler. So what I did was brought the boys blankets with us and laid it  across thier laps. We had our snacks, drinks, stop to the the restroom before we enter the park. So we were good to go!

As we begin to walk around the park it began to warm up that made it even better. I believe because I desired for my family to take this well needed trip God give me the desires of my heart and showed us favor while doing so. We had an amazing time we saw just about all the animals and reptiles. I was so surprise that my youngest son sit in the stroller just about the way though the park. We will be returning to the Toledo Zoo.






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