One day the boys and I was getting ready for summer enrichment program. Now every morning or the night before I always check and make sure the boys have snacks, water bottles, diapers and wipes for Xavier. As I was a the mist of doing so one morning I received a phone call and was side track and I set Xavier daipers down. Then our ride called to let me know that they was about to pull up. So I began to check and make sure the boys had thier shoes on and I had my lesson and materials for crafts. So the day went on and during one break I had to change Xavier daiper then again after lunch. I still have not went all the way though his bag.

Now we are visiting my parents until the hubby gets off work which is a few hours from the time we were from then. So I decided to take a nap well my dad watch the boys. Thirty minutes into my nap I hear my dad calling my name letting me know Xavier needed a daiper change. As I go though his bag I see no dapers. So I began to look through the other two boys bag. WHAT NO DAIPERS!!! This is all bad!! Xavier have no daipers they never made it into the bag from this morning. Now what am I going to do! Hubby don’t get off until 5:30 and it’s 3:30, my mom drove her and my dad car to work. Don’t trust him to wear his big brother underwear. Lord Jesus help!

A few minutes later a hear my mom coming though the door to save the day. We went to the nearest store to get daipers which was Family Dollar. Now I was I was kinda iffy about this but I had no choice so I went ahead to try them. And surprisingly they are awesome!!! I received 27 and 1 pack for $6 and they absorb nice. I think that’s a win!



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