Today I am saying good bye to my garden. As I was preparing to leave for the Summer Enrichment Program I was sitting on my front porch with the boys waiting on our ride. As I looked over to see if I needed to water my plants I noticed that some extra plants was growing in the pots. So I decided to call my dad that know a little bit more then what I do about gardening. He was sharing with me because I have them on my front porch and when they cut the grass they might have blown seeds into the pot and they have taking root. So now I have no more plants but two pots of green onions. 

I will be trying to plant some more again, maybe next year : (





Summer Bucket List

Here are some great idea’s to create or add to your kiddos summer bucket list. Now the boys and I will not be doing all but most of the things on this list for the summer.

~Have a build your own banana split night!

~Offer to plant flowers at a nursing home or church

~Play Frisbee together.

~Wash the car or the dog (or both!).

~Take a family bike ride.

~Play games with Glow Sticks!

~Plan a one day road trip!

~Make Snow Cones.

~Create ice sculptures with balloons.

~Press some wildflowers.

~Have a puppet show with homemade puppets.

~Make a boat and sail it in your tub, in a swimming pool, in a creek, or at a pond.

~Make homemade ice cream!

 ~Have a water balloon fight!

~Pick wildflowers and give the bouquet away to a neighbor, grandparent, or someone else who needs some cheer!

~Make homemade jam.

~Make sun prints.

~Hang a birdfeeder.

~Play at the park.

~Go camping in your driveway or back yard.

~Catch lightning bugs in a jar and read Fireflies

~Ride a carousel or a merry-go-round.

~Freeze some chocolate-dipped bananas.

~Plan a movie night!

~Have a teddy bear picnic! Invite friends and read The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

~Ride a horse, even if it’s just a homemade stick horse.

~Make some summer funny faces.

~Catch a caterpillar and keep it until it turns into a butterfly.

~Set up a lemonade stand; donate profits to a charity.

 ~Catch a raindrop in your mouth.

~Go bowling.

~Stay up late and go star gazing. Look for shooting stars!

~Serve strawberry shortcake for breakfast!

~Have a family game night.

~Invite another family to your house and host a water gun fight!

 ~Visit a local creek and catch crawdads.

~Go fishing!

~Dance in the rain!

~Go to an outdoor play or concert.

~Craft some friendship bracelets.

~Make homemade Lemon Shake Ups.

~Go to the movies!

~Build a birdhouse.

~Spend a day at the fair.

~Make a firefly jar! (So cool!) Read When Lightning Comes in a Jar.

~Try to read 100 books (every reader in the house can contribute!).

~Make ice boats.

~Visit a local Farmer’s Market and try something new.

~Watch a parade.

~Go out for a frozen treat!

 ~After a good rain, go mud-puddle splashing!

~Go swimming!

~Paint with ice cubes.

~Have a picnic in your backyard.

~Concoct some homemade popsicles!

~Make giant wands and blow bubbles

~Create a scavenger hunt for your kids, or let them create one for you!

~Roast hotdogs and S’mores over a fire.

~Have a Family Talent Show night!

~Craft some wind chimes.

~Go bird watching.

~Make homemade sidewalk chalk.

~Go to a small airport and watch the planes take off and land.

~Make sun tea punch.

~Play miniature golf.

~Lie on your back and watch the clouds go by, looking for animal shapes.

~Roll down a hill!

~Bake a fruit pizza, and eat it for dinner!

  ~Go to the zoo.

~Tie-dye T-shirts (outside!)

~Craft a garden stepping stone.

~Go on a hike and look for animal tracks.

~Build a worm farm.

~Jump rope!

~Make paper beads for stringing bracelets and necklaces.

~Construct an obstacle course in the backyard.

~Make mud pies.

~Plan a special day away to state park or museum.

 ~Have a wet sponge fight!

~Make a rain gauge to measure the rainfall.

~Build a fort!

~Drink root beer floats.

~Write a letter to a friend or grandparent.

~Visit a new festival.

~Start a family garden.

If you have any questions about any activities that I have listed please comment. You can find all activities on my favorite site which is Pinterest.