I have been seeking after God about somethings in my life for a few months and I wanted to change somethings but was not sure where to start. I came a cross PrayerFullMum blog about 3 Steps: One Word-365 Days. What a prefect way to start the new year off right? How the saying go “new year, new you”……lol!

Instead of creating a list of New Year Resolutions I decided to jump on board with One Word 365 Days movement and focus on one word for the year. Great idea huh!

The word I have chosen is FEARLESS! As I have been studying and letting God talk to me about becoming fearless I see how fear and all of it’s bad fruit been working in my life worry, doubt, unbelief but on this great morning that the Lord have made I speak that I no longer work in those things. I walk in the fruit of faith which is love, trust and belief. I will focus on those things to drive out fear.As I build my confidence in God I will build my faith and become FEARLESS!!!





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